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Newport News Community Choir & Orchestra

What is the Newport News SDA Community Choir and Orchestra (NNCCO)?

In its second season, the NNCCO is an ensemble of volunteer, community singers and musicians of various musical backgrounds who love to give their talents and abilities to the service of God and the community.  While all are welcomed, our immediate need is for altos, tenors, or basses and instrumentalist (strings, brass, wind).

When does the NNCCO perform?

We have several major programs during the year (Easter, Family Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) as well as occasional (approximately seven times per year) Special Music during the regular church service.  As the choir grows, we would like to participate in community events.  Dates are announced in advance.

What about the music?

The music is preselected by the music director to fit the church’s music guidelines, audience, and event. Typically, we perform religious, choral, hymns, and classical with occasional gospel, contemporary, and spiritual pieces. Music will be provided as copies (so you can write on and keep it). If you would like original copies of the music, you can borrow one from the director’s Music Library with a promise not to write on, damage or change it in any way. If you would like to keep original music, you would be required to reimburse the director.

How do I join the NNCCO? 

For a vocal / instrumental interview, please contact Anda Wood, the Newport News SDA Church Music Director, at 757-870-9580 or  No preparation for vocal/instrumental interview is necessary.  Interviews are not required for those individuals who participated the previous season.  Please make known to the director your intent of ongoing participation.  

For more information check our our Choir Brochure